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With the theme of 50 shades of a string quartet, we are going to look at various emotional, educational, linguistic, and even multinational moments that we connect with quartet or quartet connects with us.  As we all know, the shadows don't just contain the dark side.  In order for light to form dark shadows, various elements are required.

Therefor we think that the shadow of chamber music is not just a concept of shade, but a word that can symbolize various nuances.  

By collecting 50 different quartet situations (musical places and opinions about quartet), we will assemble the moments that can have felt in the string quartets of all composers.

The motivation for this project was drawn from the social phenomenon individuals quickly scroll to the next content when using platforms like 'Instagram Reels' and 'YouTube Shorts,' often without finishing what they started. We decided to bring this contemporary action into the realm of live music, mirroring the brief and dynamic nature of today's digital media consumption, and we've realized this through a musical technique known as 'Attaca.'

c) Nico Herzog, Noor Al-Jammali

c) Nico Herzog , c) Noor Al-Jammali

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